Brittany Ferries - putting their customer experience at the heart of the enterprise.

Brittany Ferries - putting their customer experience at the heart of the enterprise.

There is a rapid emergence of experience-centric organisations across all areas of business. These are organisations in which digitalization, technology platforms, value ecologies, and business models will all become means to achieve the unique experiences that customers value.

Brittany Ferries, has recently launched a website called with its partner 321 Founded. The site promises to match holiday makers with local hosts who offer bespoke and authentic experiences in their destination.  This  is an example of an organisation that is orchestrating their offerings in order to co-create memorable experiences with customers.

The move is part of Brittany Ferries’ diversification strategy and draws on the company’s mission to enrich regions and to reveal fabulous destinations to travellers.

“Livelocal is a project that is all about the three Ds: diversification, digital and destination,” explained Christophe Mathieu, Brittany Ferries CEO. “Think of it like a dating website for travellers, introducing them to memory-makers in the form of local hosts who offer a holiday activity that’s exciting and sustainable.

“It’s not about replacing what makes a destination attractive like its beautiful beaches, historic castles or fantastic shopping. It’s about surfacing some of the best-kept secrets known only by those living and working locally. It will help turn a good holiday into a truly great one.”

Launched in July, the site already features hosts offering a range of cultural, sporting and heritage activities. While currently focussed on Brittany and Aquitaine, activities may be extended to cover all locations in the so-called Atlantic Arc if it proves popular. In the years to come, that means experiences for travellers visiting Ireland, green Spain and the UK.

The portfolio has already grown since launch, but Livelocal is actively seeking more participants. “We are looking for hosts who want to pass on their passion for their region, through their local knowledge,” added Christophe Mathieu. “What could be more rewarding than sharing your love for la pelote basque or by introducing a novice surfer to the best waves on the Atlantic coast.”

The company says potential hosts should contact the following email to learn more: Anyone visiting a destination can use the service to find a great holiday experience, not just those travelling with Brittany Ferries.

“We’ve learnt over the last 50 years that the more we build connections, the better the experience for everyone,” Christophe Mathieu concluded. “We’ve enriched the regions in which we operate, and now we hope to enrich more of the individuals who live and work within them.”

Brittany Ferries is an organisation that has put their customer experience at the heart of the enterprise. An organisation, where there is total alignment around experiential delivery.

This will be a defining characteristic of leading organisations and the competitive landscape during the next decade. Becoming experience-centric does not mean dropping everything you have done, but rather placing it in perspective, behind what matters most: how customers experience using your products or services.

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