Ticknovate - the ticketing solution for tours & transportation


Ticknovate - the ticketing solution for tours & transportation

It was back in 2018 when City Cruises plc were unable to find a solution to meet their ticketing needs.  They had reviewed solutions that would address their point to point sightseeing tour requirements and separate solutions that would address their transportation needs but they were unsuccessful in sourcing one system that would handle both.

It was incredibly frustrating for the team at City Cruises as it appeared that they either stumped up a considerable development fee to customise or they suffered a compromise on the functionality they required.

After a thorough market analysis, our team concluded that there was a clear gap in the market for a ticketing solution that can handle this type of complex inventory.  There are many boat, train and bus tour attraction providers who operate at the intersection of attraction and transportation service, requiring the opportunity to not only sell entrance tickets but to increase revenues through the efficient utilisation of available inventory and upsells.

The Ticknovate solution has been built to meet all of these needs and more. Providing administrators with full, granular level control over exactly what is sold, via which channel at what price. Whether a standalone transportation provider, such as a ferry/boat/bus/train operator; an attraction provider or a combination of the two.

To handle these complexities, via a simple interface capacities can be easily configured for various routes, with multiple stops with different capacities and / or seating plans per service.  Various ticket types and pricing can be applied to these services with maximum number of seats available per stop in the route.

Ticknovate can also set up intricate seating plans per service and manage the seats allocation.  

Overlaying variable and dynamic pricing are powerful features with the system presenting best prices based on the customer’s search criteria and notifying administrators when tours are selling out or not selling as well allowing them to respond accordingly to optimise the revenue per departure.

Upsell and cross-sell options are easily included; car parking, a cream tea, a drinks package or an additional entire experience can be offered to the customer as part of the booking journey.  Equally, customers are able to make bookings online, at point of sale or via approved trade partners directly into the sophisticated trade partner portal.

With a myriad of additional features and functionality, including out of the box yield and management reports, Ticknovate is architected to sit as the centrepiece in an organisations digital infrastructure, integrating with all systems including CRM, Business Intelligence tools, Accounting and Reporting software. Using our OPEN API, Ticknovate can “talk” with 3rd party systems or middleware to deliver a fully integrated solution that connects every part of a business, driving digital transformation, all with zero upfront cost and a simple pricing model.  

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