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Expian, formerly Ticknovate, is an experience-centric ticketing platform uniquely placed to accommodate the complex needs of the Enterprise organisation.

Built to monetise every step of the customer journey

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Today's tourism and transportation organisations require more than basic admission ticketing solutions. There is a growing need to orchestrate offerings to co-create memorable experiences for customers


Expian is an experience-centric ticketing platform uniquely placed to accommodate the complex needs of the Enterprise organisation.

Built for integration

We can deliver a fully integrated digital infrastructure by integrating with CRMs, Accounting solutions, Business Intelligence / Reporting tools, OTAs, third-party suppliers and more.

Why are we different?

We've experienced your headaches & felt your pain.

Our leadership team has sat where you sit, seeking a solution to meet all of their varied requirements. Our developers have been immersed in the visitor attraction and ferry industries for the last ten years. They created the platform in collaboration with a leading UK sightseeing tour & attraction and a Nordic ferry operator and these talented individuals continue to drive innovation in partnership with all of our clients.

Clare Newman, CMO

As a previous Sales & Marketing Director of City Cruises London, Poole and York, Clare was unable to find a solution that could handle the various types of inventory that needed to be sold via the multiple sales channels.

Many systems said they could handle Clare’s requirements but none at the granular level that was essential to ensure yield was maximised, and tickets combined and upsold with other London attractions.

Clare collaborated with the team to develop Expian. A platform that delivers on every requirement and more.

Andres Krohn, CTO

As Head of IT at Forsea Ferries, Andreas was searching for a solution that would increase the revenue generated through ticketing. This included selling experience-led packages and upselling as well as managing additional services, discounts and dynamic pricing.

The Expian team designed a new booking platform that transformed the way Forsea Ferries sold to customers. Expian sought smart ways to improve the booking experience and created a market fit platform that serves a real need.

Fully integrated infrastructure

Key features

Built in collaboration with a leading London sightseeing attraction, Expian is committed to delivering the most feature rich, flexible and extensible ticketing / booking solution.

Handle complex inventory

Customers can manage complex ticketing requirements, for multiple venues all under one roof. Experiences are easily configured, sold or redeemed individually, as groups or via memberships or as bundles via multiple sales channels.

Monetise customer experience and upsell

Using Expian’s web-based Admin interface, easily configure any number of product offerings, including tickets, passes, rentals, upgrades or extras, with inventory managed at a granular level.


Extend the customer experience and cross sell

Customers can curate experiences that extend beyond their own offerings; inspiring and motivating customers to add more to their basket via recommendations, promotions & memberships.

a flexible solution


Expian's modular infrastructure allows the platform to be easily extended and adapted specific to individual sector and client requirements.

This flexibility and ease of use is why Expian has been selected to power the ticketing of sightseeing tours, ferries, historic attractions, heritage railways and other leisure sectors.

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