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Today's tourism and transportation organisations require more than basic admission ticketing solutions.  There is a growing need to orchestrate offerings to co-create memorable experiences for customers. Expian is an experience-centric ticketing platform uniquely placed to accommodate the complex needs of the experience-centric organisation.

highly customisable customer experiences

Ethos and Vision

Built in collaboration with a leading London sightseeing attraction, Expian is committed to delivering the most feature rich, flexible and extensible ticketing / booking solution. Expian enables organisations to offer highly customisable customer experiences and in doing so monetise every step of the customer journey, whilst harnessing new revenue opportunities

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a team of specialists

The People

The Expian team are technology experts and solution providers that respond to the industry’s pain points, concentrating on individual customer requirements.  Designated specialists are involved in every project ensuring delivery of known needs, but also exploring unknown, future needs, ensuring we deliver on and exceed expectations.

We will continue to pivot away from the rigid approach of some of the more traditional providers, concentrating on delivering elegant and innovative features that provide best in class experiences for your administrators and your customers.

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Upsell & cross-sell

Built to monetise every step of the customer journey

Our objective is to deliver a platform that entices your customers to spend more. Our team has spent years exploring all the untapped opportunities for improving customer experience and driving sales.  Our solution can handle all inventory, no matter how complex, offer sophisticated upsell and cross-sell mechanisms, delivering revenue opportunities and easily extended to accommodate new requirements.

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