flexible and extensible

The software

To move from function to experience, organisations need a ticketing platform that is not confined to rigid functional boundaries, but is instead highly modular, adaptable and extensible. It’s not just about fixed product offerings but delivering customer centric experiences by utilising decoupled and highly adaptable building blocks. It’s about endless possibilities rather than specific features.

The key USP of the Expian platform lies in its flexibility and extensibility thanks to our modular and multi-layered software architecture. The layers are decoupled meaning that they are completely autonomous and unaware of each other. This level of abstraction is key for the adaptability and extensibility of the platform.
Moreover, our software architecture is based on the microservices architectural pattern. Due to the modular nature of the microservices the platform can be easily and quickly extended to include new elements. 

Expian is a SaaS solution hosted on AWS infrastructure. Each tenant has its own production environment and is designed to scale smoothly with increases in demand. We utilise aggressive load auto-scaling and caching, as well as leveraging cloud technologies to gracefully manage load. 

Our infrastructure and code is designed with security in mind, implementing best practices to restrict and secure our data.

Expian is Cyber Essentials Plus certified. 

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secure & compliant

The hardware

Expian is completely device agnostic, meaning you can run the platform on PCs, Smartphones and point of sale specific hardware.

The Expian recommended POS solutions provide a complete POS experience, beyond just accepting payment, in an all-in-one device. 

The handheld smartPOS device is lightweight and fits easily in the palm of your hand.  It is easy to use, secure & compliant whilst handling all of your ticketing transactions, all fed off the centralised capacities as configured in the Admin interface.  No need for a separate credit / debit card machine, it is all handled in this one neat device.

The scanning app can also be hosted on this one device, providing quick and easy QR code redemptions which also updates the centralised capacities.

Front of house teams can deliver a full customer experience from their pocket.

Desktop point of sale, self service kiosks and ticketing vending machines can all deliver the same functionality as all fed of API integrations.

Access barriers can also recognise number plates and length of cars to automatically authorise and redeem issued tickets.

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api-first architecture


Expians API-first architecture enables us to extend the platform’s capabilities through integrations with best in class solutions for the different needs of a business (i.e. CRM, BI tools, Financing / Accounting and more). It features endpoints to search for tickets and buy them. In addition to this, there are endpoints for retrieving orders for a user via a signed token mechanism. Moreover, the Expian Data Feed API allows you to subscribe to events in the system so that you can build custom integrations, such as with external reporting software.

Ticknovate has partnered with Rezdy, a leading independent distribution platform, powering the experiences industry. This integration provides Expians customers with award-winning connectivity to the industry's largest network of resellers across the globe.

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