Handle complex inventory

We take versatile ticketing processes and via a highly modular, flexible and extensible platform, we enable businesses to offer highly customisable customer experiences and in doing so monetise every step of the customer journey, whilst harnessing new revenue opportunities. We start by setting up the services you operate.

Are you offering journeys from A to B or from A to B and via landbridge to C and backwards? What is the timetable? What is the schedule?

Are there various locations and multiple venues within each location? Are there different layouts and what is the capacity? What is the schedule?

Are dining options an experience you can offer? What are your table plans and capacities? do you have rules on orphaned capacities? 

Are you selling via multiple sales channels? Do you want fine grained control over what gets sold to who and where?

Monetise the customer experience and upsell

Now you configure how to monetise access to these services by setting up any number of products, your own and those of third parties. This enables you to enhance the experience you offer, aiming them at diverse customer groups and surfacing them in a timely fashion.

Unlimited ticket groups and ticket types can be assigned to dated or undated, timed or day access products. Valid for single or multiple use, sold through specified channels according to configured pricing rules.

Passes for one or more venue, event, or admission products can be easily configured for any number of ticket types. Validity periods according to your needs and easily redeemed at ticket offices and mobile point of sale.

Here you can increase average order value by tempting customers to purchase flexible tickets, priority boarding, premium lounges, VIP access, an afternoon tea, a bottle of champagne or your latest merchandise.

Are there rental offerings extended as part of your experience? Segway hire, rowing or pedalo boat hire? Set-these up with a rental duration until and surface them as part of your customers booking journey.

Extend the customer experience and cross-sell

The Expian offering goes beyond basic ticketing. You can curate customer experiences that extend beyond your own offerings and incorporate other complementary products and ancillary experiences., satisfying your customers needs and your own commercial teams.

Weave together any number of products to create one ticket for two or more experiences. Discount the individual elements, if required, to provide a curated experience bundled in one ticket.

A customer has items in their basket, our logic can surface recommended complementary products, based on the ticket types of products already selected, in accordance with configured rules.

Set up any number of ad-hoc promotions and link to specific products, dates and sales channels. Do the same with vouchers and allow customers to book and redeem, at any point via the customer portals.

Set up any number of memberships, assign the products, any discounts and price accordingly. Surface in the booking journey and as a recommended upsell and customers can then self-service via the members portal.

Portals for you and your customers

Benefit from overhead efficiencies and increased customer satisfaction. This extends to your internal and external customers and your B2B and B2C customers. Enabling them to self-service their bookings and by minimising the touchpoints with your contact centres and those responsible for trade, groups and education.

Manage all your ticketing requirements from one place. Permission-based so that you can have different user types managing different parts of your business. Full reporting modules can be accessed that include yield and dashboard reports.

Accessed by your reservations team to place and manage bookings (amend, cancel, issue refunds, check booking audit trail, resend confirmation emails etc). They can also place bookings on behalf of B2B, group or education customers.

Customers can check-out as guest, with the ability to amend or cancel their booking or they can create an account where they log-in, amend, cancel, receive refunds and place new bookings. Both options are done in accordance with configured t's and c's.

A web-based Trade Partner portal allowing your trade partners to sell your products according to their contractual agreements with you. OTAs are typically managed via API integrations enabling them to seamlessly purchase contracted, available inventory.

Hardware for delivering exceptional customer service

Empowering staff with digital tools is a critical step in offering exceptional customer experiences. Digital tools such as the Expian ticketing POS mobile application allows staff on the ground to meet their customer needs known and unknown though a highly portable mobile / payment device.

Using the Expian POS application, you can sell tickets and ancillary items using live capacity and pricing, offer upgrades and combos, take card payment and register cash payments, print, email and redeem tickets.

The POS application has been adapted to run on state-of-the-art PAX devices offering a handheld POS system, allowing memberships, tickets & upsells to be purchased via card or cash and redeemed, all using the one device.

Expians integrations into self-service ticket machines deliver a tailored booking user experience aimed at speeding up the selling of tickets and inspiring customers to purchase more products in one transaction.

Equipped with cameras and sensors capable of reading car plates, understanding vehicles classification and length of the queue means upsells can be surfaced during check-in, depending on length of the queue.

a flexible solution


Expians modular infrastructure allows the platform to be easily extended and adapted specific to individual sector and client requirements.

This flexibility and ease of use is why Expian has been selected to power the ticketing of sightseeing tours, ferries, historic attractions, heritage railways and other leisure sectors.

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