5 ways to future-proof bookings AND preserve heritage railways

5 ways to future-proof bookings AND preserve heritage railways

We are revolutionising the way attractions sell and manage ticketing. With so many historic railways reliant on charitable giving, our integrated platform helps you increase sales and donations, so you can continue to preserve the heritage of our railways.

We have helped attractions operators like you streamline their admissions process, enrich experiences and drive revenue. So, whether you are operating a multi-stop route, multiple attractions or a traditional railway, Expian can improve every step of the customer journey.

Here’s how…

1. Sell rich experiences, simply Expian is a fully customisable web-based booking system that can manage multiple routes or attractions from one central platform. It also facilitates cross-selling additional services and add-ons such as food & beverage and merchandise at every opportunity. The platform handles a variety of ticket options including peak / off-peak entry, discounts, upgrades and memberships so customers can book the experience they want.

2. Don’t let antiquated systems hold you back

Out-dated booking systems that don’t support complex ticketing for multi-stop routes or dynamic pricing make the buying process complicated and frustrate customers, often causing abandoned transactions or complaints for staff to deal with. They can also struggle to manage intricate seating plans across multiple carriages and compartments with disabled access as well as first and second-class tickets. Moreover, when opportunities to upsell are missed, so too is the prospect of increasing potential revenues.

3. Increase donations

Donations are an important revenue stream for many heritage landmarks. We have incorporated the option to donate and add GiftAid at the point of booking rather than as a separate transaction, which has dramatically improved revenue for some operators.

4. Reduce administration time

Customers can manage their own bookings through their own consumer and trade portals, making it easy to make amends and confirm details at their convenience. This improves the booking journey and reduces the amount of time your team spends managing refunds and answering questions.

5. Manage bookings from anywhere

With one platform, staff can manage admissions from anywhere using real-time availability. This means tickets can be sold alongside food and beverage with handheld devices and through tills. It also means updates and changes to booking information, for example to suit seasonality or react to unforeseen circumstances, can be made site-wide instantly.

Transform your ticketing

As well as everything you would expect to see from a cutting-edge admissions software, Expian offers many features that will benefit rail attractions, including:

 Capacity management functionality

 Journey scheduling

 Memberships

 Incorporating donations and Gift-Aid into one booking

 B2B trade and customer-specific booking portals

 Group booking options.

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