Events & immersive experiences

Events & immersive experiences

Event customers can book even more fun packed experiences in one transaction whilst event organisers monetise their customer journey.

The Expian solution is capable of scaling to sell hundreds of thousands of tickets an hour, handling thousands of requests within a minute.

As part of the tickets booking experience, customers are presented with a wide range of add-ons from merchandise and F&B options to ticket insurance based on the time of their visit and their group size. Via the right integrations, the system is capable of fulfilling those orders in a streamlined way.

In their confirmation emails, customers are presented with a link to manage every aspect of their booking. They also have the option to create an account for accessing all their bookings.

In order to deliver a really smooth, immersive experience, our event client wanted a system that will not only allow them to check in customers at different sections of the experience but one that offers them real-time information as to whether things are progressing according to plan and to identify any bottlenecks. Expian built a bespoke version of the reservations portal within a few weeks.  

Multiple integrations have been delivered including integration with fulfilment companies, CRM and finance solutions in order to offer an integrated digital architecture with ticketing at its heart.

Features used
  • Full Customer Service at all touch points using portable handheld devices
  • Unlimited ticket types for events
  • Customer Portals
  • Capping & Allocations
  • Pricing rules & promotions
  • Ancillary items
  • Recommendation upgrades & add-ons
  • Yield Management & Reporting
Introducing Expian's New Chief Sales Officer: A Visionary Leader with a Passion for Innovation

In the dynamic landscape of technology, finding the right leadership is crucial for success and Expian is excited to welcome Patrick Gray, a seasoned professional to our team as the Chief Sales Officer.

Expian helps Historic Royal Palaces visitors experience history 

Experience-centric ticketing platform, Expian, will partner with the independent charity Historic Royal Palaces, to provide admission and membership solutions across all the historic sites in its care for the next five years.

Meet our new CTO, Andreas Krohn, former Head of IT for ForSea Ferries

We are excited to welcome Andreas Krohn, MSc Computer Science, API specialist and former Head of IT for ForSea Ferries, aboard as Expian’s new Chief Technology Officer.