Heritage Attractions

Heritage Attractions

Heritage attractions focus on conserving, maintaining and managing their historic and architectural importance. The technology they adopt, however, does not have to be remain in the past.

Gone are the days when people learned about history simply from reading books. People are increasingly looking for experiences that bring history to life in an engaging way and nothing beats standing on the spot where history happened. Many of the worlds heritage attractionsrely heavily on admissions revenues but also memberships and donations to increase revenue contributions.

Alongside the ability to set-up unlimited ticket types, for unlimited venues, for admission tickets and special event tickets, the Expian platform allows for the creation of a variety of 'Entitlements'. As the name suggests, these ticket types 'entitle' the bearer to pre-defined products that can be purchased from within the Membership Portal. The products can be discounted, complementary and / or exclusive to Members or Patrons only. Restrictions can be applied to when the products can be booked and / or when they can be redeemed. Administrators can specify if members can bring guests for specific products, and if so how many and at what cost.

The membership itself is given a validity period and a price. Once purchased, via a direct debit arrangement or paid in full, members can manage their membership from within the portal, purchasing tickets, with the discounts automatically applied. They can amend and cancel bookings, in accordance with the terms and conditions configured which may or may not include amendment or cancellation fees. They can purchase add-ons and extras and other recommended products. They can also upgrade and downgrade their actual membership, perhaps from a single membership to a joint membership.

The membership options can be prompted throughout the customer booking journey and surfaced as a recommended upgrade at all customer touch-points ensuring a greater uptake.

As many heritage attractions are a registered charity, the ability to prompt for donations and gift-aid is handled by the Expian platform.

The hardware supplied to our heritage attractions client enables them to deliver full customer service, even from their pocket. The equipment means staff can offer unparalleled customer service using the Expian smartPOS solution (Android-based mobile and desktop POS). Our system allows staff to sell and issue tickets, scan tickets, offer upgrades  and manage any booking enquiries through one easy to carry and use device.

Features used

  • Full Customer Service at all touch points using portable handheld devices
  • Events & Admissions
  • Annual Passes
  • Donations
  • Gift-Aid
  • Memberships and Member Portals
  • Trade B2B booking portal
  • Customer booking portal
  • Group / Educational Bookings
  • Sales Capping
  • Reports & Yield Management
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