Welcome Christiane Warren

We're thrilled to introduce Christiane Warren to the Ticknovate team as our Product Manager, dedicated to enhancing the customer experience by translating their needs into innovative solutions.

Responding to seasonality

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and given the unprecedented events of the last two years organisations have been forced to react to the changing demands of pandemic restrictions as well as the standard seasonal fluctuations.

Airbnb’s limited foray into experiences helps everyone else

Airbnb’s IPO at the end of last year was an event that was anticipated to give the travel industry a much needed shot in the arm with some positive news. In many ways it was, but for the experiences sector it didn’t quite happen as intended.

Expect a wave of new business for the ferry industry

Ferry businesses globally face dire losses, with up to 100% passenger traffic drop and 50% less vehicle traffic in the past year. Ro-Pax, vital for cargo, struggles with empty passenger decks and government support.

Extending reach & improving efficiencies via API connectivity

Whilst the travel and tourism industry are on a slow road to recovery following the events of last year, we are all coming to terms with the new ‘normal’ and reacting to the new way people are now making decisions about where and how they travel.

Ticknovate - the ticketing solution for tours & transportation

The Ticknovate solution has been built to meet complex needs of operations. Providing administrators with full, granular level control over exactly what is sold, via which channel at what price.

Overlook Smart Point of Sale at your peril

The COVID-19 pandemic reshaped the payment landscape, accelerating the adoption of contactless payments as global markets and consumer habits adjusted to a 'new normal,' propelling the payment terminal industry forward.

Improving customer service reputation

In today's digital era, a business's online reputation is paramount, starting with its website as the first point of contact for potential customers, making a seamless and intuitive ticket booking process essential for positive customer experiences.

Introducing David Orridge, Head of User Experience at Ticknovate

Introducing David Orridge, Head of User Experience at Ticknovate. Skilled in creating great experiences for customers and empowering digital innovation in the business.

ForSea appoints Ticknovate to manage online bookings and self-service ticket kiosks

ForSea Ferries selects Ticknovate to enhance its online booking and ticketing processes, embracing digitalization to elevate the customer experience with a personalized and intuitive platform.

Introducing Daniel Levett, Technology Lead at Tickovate.

Introducing Daniel Levett, Technology Lead at Tickovate. Experienced developer, skilled in creating software solutions that scale and deliver a polished user experience.

Why automated revenue & yield management is essential for organisations post Covid-19

Amid ongoing COVID-19 challenges, industry leaders see an opportunity to revamp the travel experience by integrating new technologies to meet evolving customer demands, boost revenue, and enhance per capita spending.